Sunday, 18 August 2013

Izikhothane youth sub-culture

designer outfits all in the name of bragging

Izikhothane culture has taken over South African's townships with a bang, it's all about designer clothes,swag,money,and bragging. Izikhothane a Zulu word meaning 'those who lick'. This culture has been spreading like wild fire among the black youth of South African's townships,but one would wonder what is it about this culture that's attracting so many youth? has designer label clothes became the centre of our lives? is it about statement making or youth wasting? Izikhothane township crews such as FBI,Bornagains,Tsunami,etc breath and live for designer labels. These youth spend thousands of rands on designer outfits all in the name of swag and competing with other crews were these expensive designer clothes get torn and burned just to prove a point which crew has more money and swag. A belt costing around R500,Shirt R500,pair of jeans R15OO,and a pair of shoes R2700. Is it all worth it for SA black township youth who some of them comes from disadvantaged families to be spending such amount of money on designer clothes?

Izikhothane leading labels such asDMD, Carvela, Sfazo, Nike,Versace, RM,etc has gained popularity around SA townships. As a Public Relations student I think it is because of the good branding and marketing that has made these labels favored among other clothing labels. The quality and kasi style of these labels works on their advantage to reach out to the broader market even in townships,but i don't think all these luxury labels are worth it for youth to be demanding and abusing their parents money to entertain this crazy culture. these labels have created for themselves a brand preferences and brand loyalty within townships which is good business because these brands are being purchased and becoming popular but do these label companies know the impacts their designer clothes are causing in the townships or do they even care? not only are these youth getting their parents in debt but they are also threatening them with suicide if their wants are not granted.these kids have gone wild all because of peer pressure,desire and obsession for labels.